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We’re proud to hold the honor of being the #1-rated doctor’s office in our state. Shoreline Family Chiropractic offers you natural, effective health care by a team of friendly professionals who put our customers first. Milford CT chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Paterna understands how important it is that each of our patients has an excellent experience at our office, marked by impressive results.

"For the first time in years I feel hopeful about my ability to be helped with my pain. I’ve seen many practitioners in many fields and none were as thorough and explicit about what their part is in my recovery and supportive of what my part is. Their motto is “expect miracles” and I’m beginning to believe it’s true!"

- June L.

"The genuine warmth and smiles of the staff, Dr. Cameron and Dr. Paterna made me feel great without anything else. After Dr. Paterna adjusted me I felt even better! I could tell he and Dr. Cameron were genuinely listening to me and they didn’t make me feel rushed. Instead, they made me feel heard and that impressed me. Definitely coming back!"

- Genise S.

"Great “bedside manner”. I walked in with low expectations because of the duration of injuries I’ve sustained but I left with high hopes. I also feel confident that the treatment plan will help a great deal. Never felt rushed and the environment was calm. I usually dislike going to doctor’s appointments because they’re usually stressful but this visit was not. 10/10 would recommend."

- Alexus M.

"Dr. Paterna and his associates are gracious and professional and provide exceptional chiropractic care. Dr. Paterna spent a lot of time with me in the consultation/assessment/x-ray appointment and was very informative about the practice. He addressed all of my questions and concerns and carefully walked me through the results of my nerve scan on a computer. He then explained in detail how he could help me with my neck and back issues. After the first adjustment, I felt so much better and my symptoms decreased considerably. I am scheduled for my third adjustment and feel improvements physically and feel sharper mentally. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a practitioner."

- Helen M.

"I have gone to every doctor I can think of for the pain in my back and haven’t found relief. I am hoping and believing that this is the treatment I need to get to the source of my problem. I was impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Paterna”s evaluation of my issues and I am looking forward to feeling better. Thank you!"

- Cheryl E.

"It was a wonderful experience."

- Janis L.

"Awesome experience! Staff and Doctors are very warm and friendly. Very personalized touch. I love it!"

- Gen D.

"I really like this practice. Very professional and prompt."

- Ebonee L.

"Warm and caring staff! I felt welcomed!"

- Patricia N.

"Dr. P was very informative and explained everything in layman terms. He made me feel very welcome and comfortable! So far so good!"

- June B.

"Thanks for a great first visit!"

- Casey S.

"Dr. Paterna and the whole Shoreline family are excellent. They are extremely helpful and very friendly, if you want to be treated with care and kindness you have to come here!"

- Melissa P.

"I felt great after my appointment and can’t wait to go back!"

- Marissa S.

"Dr. Paterna and his staff are just amazing people! as soon as you come in the doors you will feel welcome and you feel you will be taken care of. just an amazing experience!"

- Jose D.

"I’ve been going to a chiro since I was 18. I’ve experienced well over 10 in that time. This series of adjustments and the way it made me feel was spectacular.

This practitioner is superior. My next appt is tomorrow. I cannot wait..yay me!"

- Drew M.

"Thank you! I had a really wonderful first experience."

- Emily L.

"Amazing staff at Shoreline Family Chiropractic! Very informative and on point. Would strongly recommend to family and friends! Thank you, Dr. Paterna!"

- Jennifer S.

"Wonderful setup in office, easy parking, and has a wheelchair ramp too."

- Mary H.

"I’ve seen several chiropractor’s and Dr. Paterna was the only one to explain in detail everything that was going on.

He explained why he performed specific tests, and took X-rays and also explained what I was looking at when he showed me my x rays. The staff was courteous and welcoming and thorough in explaining any paperwork that needed to be completed. Dr. Paterna’s professionalism and dedication to his practice are evident as soon as he welcomes you into the office. I would recommend him to anyone in search of chiropractic care."

- Stephanie S.

"I love the ambiance of the office and everyone on the staff was very helpful and friendly. I’m already feeling much better and I’m really looking forward to my follow-up visits."

- Jackson S.

"Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I was nervous coming in and the fact that I was welcomed so nicely and was able to relax a bit was so helpful."

- Allison T.

"For my first time going to a chiropractor, I was a little nervous but the staff was very friendly and answered any question I had and took the time to fully explain how everything works.

I will definitely be returning and recommend seeing Dr. Paterna for any chiropractic need!!"

- Kathryn C.

"Thank you for attending my first call, I had a very strong pain in the back and days without sleeping well .. very professional and very friendly staff."

- Maria C.

"Everyone at the office was very nice and helpful. Will definitely recommend to others."

- Casey M.

"I was in debilitating pain when I came in and after 2 visits I can easily walk and have significantly less pain. THANK YOU!"

- Lea P.

"Wonderful first visit to a chiropractor!"

- Jenna H.

"Dr. Paterna was awesome. He was very helpful and explained everything prior to treatment. He really cares about his patients. Great staff, they were all warm and welcoming!"

- Joy M.

"Dr. Cameron was very explanatory in my situation and very knowledgeable what was going on with my body. I recommend him with highest regards."

- Ronald M.

"Great docs, great staff, we love Shoreline Family Chiropractic and so do many of our employees!"

- Jillian M.

"Great first impression!"

- Mary B.

"My first adjustment was terrific! I instantly felt a release in my mid back, and I feel so much more limber already! I will no doubt be a frequent client."

- Eric H.

"Dr. Paterna is wonderful, friendly and very helpful/informative. I was so blessed to have been welcomed into his practice today. I cannot thank him enough!!"

- Elizabeth M.

"I would also point out that this treatment is also very affordable. For people with high-deductible insurance plans like I have, that’s important."

- Jill D.

"I have hope. It’s something I haven’t had in four years. I had a very bad traumatic injury and after eight surgeries and constant pain I have hope. I take no pain management so my life is severely limited at my young age. The staff actually cares about their patients."

- Danielle M.

"Everyone in the office is very professional and pleasant."

- Lindsay B.

"Staff was super friendly and very welcoming atmosphere."

- Julie L.

"No more ADHD medication and no panic attacks since my son started care. His change was almost immediate after his 1st visit. I highly recommend these Doctors for any child looking to be healthier."

- Janice S.

"I hurt my back 20 years ago in a fire. I was told I would have to live with my back and leg pain forever. After a few weeks of care, my pain is practically gone and I am able to play with kids. No more pain medications. Thank you!!"

- John P.

"I’m off 6 medications in 3 months! I suffered with fibromyalgia and acid reflux for 10+ years. I was told that I would have to take these pills forever. They WERE WRONG! My body is working better and feeling the way it should be. Thank you SFCW!!"

- Samantha M.

"I truly was very happy with every aspect of this lovely office! Thanks so much for making my body feel so much better after only two adjustments!"

- Lisa C.

“Looking forward to being treated! First visit was great, feel very optimistic :-)“

- Brigit

"Staff and Dr. Paterna were very accommodating. The process was very informative I would highly recommend to anyone with neck or back discomfort."

- Josh M.

"I now understand the importance of a healthy spine and nerve system. My headaches are gone and I can sleep for more than 1 hour at a time. Chiropractic has given me my life back!"

- Kenya N.

"Looking forward to working with this group! Everyone was very friendly and seemed genuine about helping me get back to optimal health."

- Bethany J.

"I never thought I could get rid of my chronic sinus infections. After 30 years of suffering, I haven’t had 1 infection since beginning care 6 months ago. I am forever grateful."

- Anthony C.

"I’m off my blood pressure meds! I was impressed when my chronic headaches stopped, but when my blood pressure went too low, my MD told me that my B.P. was now normal. Thank you to chiropractic care and these great doctors!!"

- Jim K.

"I was afraid of chiropractors because I was told incorrect information. The doctor spent more time with me than any other doctor I ever visited. He listened and I left feeling better and confident about chiropractic. I know I am in the right place."

- Rosemary G.

"This was the best pregnancy! I suffered from severe back and neck pain my first 2 pregnancies. My midwife & OB told me to try Shoreline Family Chiropractic and I’m grateful I did. No pain and easy labor for #3!! I even had my son’s spine checked at 1 week old!"

- Christine G.

"My first visit and looking forward to many more. They made me felt very comfortable and loved the fact that the Dr and rest of his crew took the time to hear about my pain and showed concern about my situation. Thank you very much and I will definitely see you soon."

- Brunilda S.

"I was taking allergy medication every day for 15 years. After 1 month of care, I no longer need to take ANY medications! Even my migraines are gone and I sleep through the night. I only wish I started sooner."

- Amy S.

"Not only do I feel 1000% better, but the doctors can actually show me how well I’m doing with their cool computer nerve scan. I love this place. Everything is modern and done the right way!"

- Michelle G.

"I am impressed by the knowledge and confidence displayed by the practitioners."

- Tyler M.

"My child can sleep without waking up!! My 3 y/o son would wake up 5-6 times a night. Since he began care 1 month ago, he hasn’t woken up 1 time! I wish I knew about this sooner!"

- Soledad M.


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