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Pregnancy Chiropractic in West Haven and Milford

Prenatal Chiropractic Helps to Optimize Pregnancy

Pregnancy Chiropractor West Haven and MilfordDuring pregnancy, the body activates a hormone called relaxin. This chemical prepares the body for the birthing process, allowing the pelvic floor to expand in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

However, because this powerful hormone begins to be released around the 16th week of pregnancy, it creates a situation where structural shifts start to occur. These changes are most notably seen in the low back, pelvis and hips, leading to the development of chronic discomfort for moms-to-be.

It’s important for the pelvis to be properly aligned, particularly during the birthing process. Without optimal pelvic balance, the delivery process is often slowed down and impacted, sometimes requiring unwanted intervention.

Through gentle prenatal chiropractic, overall nerve function in the body is maximized, creating a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier, quicker labor for Mom.

Our Compassionate Care

Moms-to-be love coming to our clinic, where they can participate in a loving and caring atmosphere with other pregnant women. We use safe and effective computerized nerve scans to determine the spinal areas requiring correction, and use this same state-of-the-art system to measure your progress.

We additionally provide the finest in prenatal chiropractic as practitioners of the renowned Webster Technique. This adjustment method involves a specific chiropractic analysis of the pelvis, with emphasis on the positioning of the sacrum and the sacroiliac joints during pregnancy. We also provide special adjusting tables during treatment that feature drop down pieces to accommodate growing bellies, making your care safe, efficient and comfortable.

Prenatal chiropractic should be a part of everyone’s prenatal care. We recommend that our pregnant patients see us on a weekly basis up until the time of birth, and twice monthly post-partum for an optimal outcome.

Our moms-to-be find it easy and comfortable to share their problems and extend their trust. Are you struggling with a pregnancy issue? We can help. Contact us today for a no-charge consultation!


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