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Techniques and Services

West Haven Chiropractic Techiques

Everyone with a spine is an excellent candidate for chiropractic care

Shoreline Family Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range of chiropractic techniques and other services. No matter what level of health you’re currently experiencing, we’re ready to use our expertise to help you improve it so that you can increase your quality of life.

Chiropractic Care

Family chiropractic care is for all ages, including children and pregnant mothers. We may recommend specific exercises once we’re further along in your care to improve your body’s stability. The techniques we use include

For our prenatal patients, we have a network of natural wellness professionals we can introduce you to so that you have a plan in place for birth.

Massage Therapy

We brought in a massage therapist at the request of our patients, who enjoy having doctor-supervised massages. Before you meet with the massage therapist, you can consult with your chiropractor to determine which type of massage is best and which areas need attention. Sports massage, deep tissue and prenatal massage are available.

If you’re seeking a lifestyle of wellness, we can discuss modifications with you that will help you improve your overall well-being. We can also discuss supplements you might need in your diet.

Come in for a free consultation and use your insurance benefits for chiropractic care. Call or email our office today to get started!

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