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Meet the Doctors

West Haven Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Paterna

Dr. Matthew Paterna, Clinic Director/Owner

The team at Shoreline Family Chiropractic welcomes families, athletes, pregnant women, children and people of all ages. We’ll care for you as if you were a part of our family, and make recommendations based “on your needs and your goals.  Our common sense approach to health care focuses on identifying the TRUE CAUSE of your health concerns so you attain the best results possible.

“We care for you like family. You will feel at home with our friendly and well trained team.” Dr. Paterma

Dr. Matthew Paterna

“In 1996, when I was 24 years old, I was given a prescription for Oxycontin® by my family doctor for sciatica. She told me that this ‘miracle drug’ was non-addictive and would cure my problem. After three months, I learned the dangers of taking medications for pain as I became addicted. Not only did the drug not fix my sciatica, but it caused several other health issues, including anxiety. Fortunately, my father, who was seeing a chiropractor, convinced me to come with him on one of his visits. My experience with this chiropractor transformed my life!” Dr. Paterna didn’t feel he was born to be a chiropractor. “I was born to play third base for the New York Yankees. Thankfully, my inability to hit a curveball and my love for chiropractic have allowed me to help thousands of people and family members of all ages get well.”

“I wouldn’t change my decision to become a chiropractor for any other profession. I simply love and live what I do!” Dr. Matthew Paterna

Awards and Qualifications

Photo of Dr. Craig Cameron

Dr. CJ Cameron

Dr. CJ Cameron

Dr. CJ Cameron has been under chiropractic care since he was an infant. His mother experienced the benefits of care and felt it was necessary for her newborn child to see a chiropractor for wellness. As a result, Dr. CJ rarely got sick in his youth and only went to the doctor for physicals. Having an athletic background, chiropractic care has kept him healthy and injury free from pee-wee football to collegiate lacrosse. “I never missed a game and I am forever grateful to the profession of chiropractic.” He was so grateful he decided to become a chiropractor himself and share this gift with the world. Get To Know Dr. Cameron

Dr. Cami Cleaveland

Dr. Cami Cleaveland


Dr. Cami Cleaveland

Dr. Cleaveland has received chiropractic care since she was 9 years old after a fall. Since then she has relied on chiropractic care to prevent injuries and improve her biomechanics to compete in soccer, from youth leagues through college. She quickly realized that not only did her body move and function better under chiropractic care, but she returned to the field faster than her teammates after injury. She is excited to join Shoreline Family Chiropractic and Wellness because she is surrounded by a community who understands the power of an adjustment; “our doctors and patients know the value of chiropractic adjustments beyond spinal complaints. They notice improvements beyond pain, for example: improved sleep, digestion, breathing and less stress.” Get To Know Dr. Cleaveland

Dr. Paterna , Dr. Cleaveland, and Dr. Cameron are passionate about helping everyone from athletes to families find better health through chiropractic careContact us today to schedule your appointment.

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