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Here are a few things we recommend to help you:

  1. Limit the amount of sugar, dairy and wheat in your diet! Why? Sugar, dairy and wheat have proven to make allergy symptoms worse!! Consumption of any dairy increases mucus production; sugar and wheat are known to raise inflammatory markers in the body.
  2. These foods and supplements have proven to “help control underlying inflammation, dilate air passages and thin mucus in the lungs” (
    • Omega 3 fatty acids— contain EPA and DHA which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Recommended 500-1000mg daily, with a higher amount of DHA.
    • Organic berries—high in antioxidants
    • High fiber foods—encourages good colon health
    • Grapes—resveratrol helps to attack bacteria and fungi
    • Local honey—contains grass and pollen in small doses, so your body can build antibodies without a strong immune response
    • Turmeric, ginger—natural anti-inflammatories
    • Apple cider vinegar—reduce mucous production and cleanses lymphatic system
    • Probiotics—strengthens the base of your immune system—your gut/digestive tract!
  3. Get adjusted! When the dizzy spells, headaches and sinus congestion start to add up, there is nothing better than getting your spine aligned. When misalignment (aka subluxation) is present, it creates a focal irritation in the spine which will cause abnormal signals in the nervous system. Add in the irritation caused by allergens and it will enhance your allergic reaction!! Our patient base reports that they experience less of their normal allergy symptoms when undergoing routine chiropractic care.

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